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Seminar - 2011 Seminar

 2011 PBADOA Annual Educational Seminar

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The 2011 Winter Seminar was held on Tuesday, February 22nd at the Hilton Midland Plaza.

Seminar Program

“Real Property Law”
“Changes of Ownership”
“Oil and Gas Law”
Alyce B. Hoge, JD, CDOA, CPLTA, and
Founder of Resource Legal Training, Spring, TX

“Unclaimed Property Reporting in the Oil & Gas Industry”
(With recent changes to Current Production Reporting)
Larry Schilhabel, Supervisor, Holder Reporting Section, Unclaimed Property Division
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Austin, TX

“Permian Basin Oil Field Theft Task Force”
Matthew Espenshade, Supervisory Senior
Resident Agent, FBI, Midland, TX